Valdelsa: Tuscan Jewel Towns Tour

The Valdelsa is the area north - west from Siena and south-west from Florence.

A territory inhabited since Etruscan times as several tomb sites testify and which developped a lot during the centuries thanks to the strategical position in between the most powerful cities of Florence and Siena, as well as being crossed by the most important road of communication and trade, the Francigena road which ensured trades and exchanges
in culture, art and architecture.


The most popular towns around here are with no doubt San Gimignano with its towers and very unique architecture, known as the "Medieval Manhattan", a lovely but touristy hilltop town surrounded by amazing views and vineyards becasue afterall the only white wine produced in Tuscany is made here, it's the so called Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

And for Etruscan lovers as well as for teens and movie lovers, a little bit extra driving will bring you in the etruscan, medieval town of Volterra recently used for the movie "Twilight Saga".

The road to reach Volterra is curvy but the views are spectacular and the town itself deserves a visit.

glass blowing Colle Valdelsa   

If you prefer not to drive so far away the other great alternative is the smaller off the beaten path town of Colle Valdelsa where still today artisans blow their fine glass which is widely exported abroad.

Basically  a tour in this area is a good combination between well known towns and off the beaten paths destinations, a good way to meet the locals and get to know those traditions which makes us proud.