Hi! I'm Anna Maria Madaffari but if you ask people around most probably they will not know about me...not under this name.

Since more than six years everybody knows me as "Anna" the cool tuscan driver guide running scenic Tuscany tours with deep cultural insight.

I was born in Calabria, the deep south of the italian boot where I absorbed the greek and the roman culture but I have been adopted by the Tuscan region at the age of 14 years old when as a young student I first came here as a tourist.

Still too young to live here I left with the dream to come back to Tuscany where I ended up 12 years ago, I set up a family first and a company then with the wish to give tourists an authentic tuscan experience without feeling treated like tourists but like friends.

I got two degrees, one in Foreign Languages and one in Modern Cultures at the University of Florence and soon I started working as interpreter and this gave me the chance to travel all over Europe for two years, after a few years and a short wine training course I started working at an award winning winery producing both Chianti Classico and Supertuscan wines and I gained all my knowledge about winemaking and wine tasting.

Tired of leading wine tours only inside a wine tasting room I joined one of Rick Steves' recommended tour company where I was asked to lead off the beaten path tours of Tuscany and after more than 6 years of collaboration Cooltours by Anna was born as a one-woman business.

I personally run my tuscan tours with my talkative and bubbling personality and if I am not available I will try to meet you as soon as possible during your stay but I will never send you another person instead of me.

I'm a holder of an official license as a state-register driver and this gives me access to all the downtown areas otherwise forbidden to private vehicles and this means I can legally pick you up and drop you off at the doorstep of your lodgings in town and we do not need to set up a meeting point half hour away from it.
But also I can legally do transfer services from the airports to the cities and back and I can be hired as your private driver and drive you all over Italy.

I am certified as "tour leader" and I proudly belong to the association of tour leaders and guides of Florence and I'm so happy to share my passion and enthusiasm about Tuscany -my adopted region - and my native country Italy although remember city tours are free visits while you will be with me driving you around.

So if you believe I already shared a lot with you just in few lines I am the right person for you and for your countryside tours in Tuscany!

A day with me has to be the " highlight " of your trip but nothing less or nothing more than who I am....your professional friend in Tuscany, cause it is culture but it is really COOL!